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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
15100 Building Services Piping

15105 Pipes and Tubes

15110 Valve

15120 Piping Specialties

15130 Pump

15140 Domestic Water Piping Disinfecting Potable Water Piping
Non - Potable Water Piping
Potable Water Piping

15150 Sanitary Waste and Vent Piping Interceptors
Sanitary Piping
Sanitary Piping Separators

15160 Storm Drainage Piping Retrofit Roof Drains
Roof Drains
Roof Drain Specialties
Storm Drainage Piping

15170 Swimming Pool and Fountain Piping Reflecting Pool and Fountain Piping
Reflecting Pool and Fountain Specialties
Swimming Pool Piping
Swimming Pool Specialties

15180 Heating and Cooling Piping Condensate Drain Piping
Heating and Cooling Pumps
Hydronic Piping
Refrigerant Piping
Steam and Condensate Piping
Steam Condensate Pumps
Water Treatment Equipment

15190 Fuel Piping Fuel Oil Piping
Fuel Oil Pumps
Fuel Oil Specialties
Liquid Petroleum Gas Piping
Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas Specialties
Natural Gas Piping


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