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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
09200 Plaster and Gypsum Board

09205 Furring and Lathing Gypsum Lath
Lead - Lined Lath
Metal Lath
Plaster Accessories
Veneer Plaster Base

09210 Gypsum Plaster Acoustical Gypsum Plaster
Fireproofing Gypsum Plaster
Gypsum Veneer Plaster

09220 Portland Cement Plaster Adobe Finish
Portland Cement Veneer Plaster

09230 Plaster Fabrication

09250 Gypsum Board Cementitious Backing Board
Factory - Finished Gypsum Board
Gypsum Sheathing
Shaft Wall Liner

09260 Gypsum Board Assemblies Gypsum Board Area Separation Walls
Shaft Wall Assemblies

09270 Gypsum Board Accessories

09280 Plaster Restoration


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