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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
02500 Utility Service

02510 Water Distribution Cistems
Disinfection of Water Distribution
Fire Suppression Water Distribution
Site Water Distribution
Water Supply

02520 Well Extraction Wells
Monitoring Wells
Recharge Wells
Test Wells
Water Supply Wells
Well Abandonment

02530 Sanitary Sewerage Gauging Stations
Packaged Pumping Stations
Packaged Lift Stations
Sanitary Cleanouts
Sanitary Sewage Systems
Sanitary Sewer Manholes, Frames, and Covers
Sewage Collection Lines
Sewage Force Mains
Site Sanitary Sewage Lines

02540 Septic Tank System Drainage Field
Grease Interceptor
Sand Filter
Septic Tank
Siphon Tank

02550 Piped Energy Distribution Chilled Water Distribution
Hot Water Distribution
Liquid Petroleum Gas Distribution
Natural Gas Distribution
Oil Distribution
Steam Distribution

02570 Process Materials Distribution Structure

02580 Electrical & Communication Structure Antenna Towers
Lighting Poles and Standards
Transmission Towers
Underground Ducts and Manholes
Utility Poles

02590 Site Grounding


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