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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
01500 Temporary Facilities and Controls

01510 Temporary Utilities Temporary Electricity
Temporary Fire Protection
Temporary Fuel Oil
Temporary Heating, Cooling, and Ventilating
Temporary Lighting
Temporary Natural Gas
Temporary Telephone
Temporary Water

01520 Construction Facilities Field Offices and Sheds
First Aid
Sanitary Facilities

01530 Temporary Construction Temporary Bridges
Temporary Decking
Temporary Overpasses
Temporary Ramps
Temporary Runarounds

01540 Construction Aids Construction Elevators, Hoists, and Cranes
Scaffolding and Platforms
Swing Staging

01550 Vehicular Access and Parking Access Roads
Haul Routes
Parking Areas
Temporary Roads
Traffic Control

01560 Temporary Barriers and Enclosures Air Barriers
Dust Barriers
Noise Barriers
Pollution Control
Protective Walkways
Security Measures
Tree and Plant Protection

01570 Temporary Controls Erosion and Sediment Control
Pest Control

01580 Project Identification Project Signs


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