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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
00100 Bid Solicitation Advertisement for Bids
Bidder's Qualifications
Invitation to Bid
Request for Proposal

00200 Instructions to Bidders

00210 Supplementary Instructions to Bidders

00220 Bid Scopes

00250 Pre-Bid Meeting

00300 Information Available to Bidders

00310 Preliminary Schedules

00320 Geotechnical Data

00330 Existing Conditions

00340 Environmental Assessment Information

00350 Project Financial Information

00360 Permit Application

00400 Bid Forms and Supplements

00410 Bid Forms Bid Form - Construction Management
Bid Form - Cost-Plus Fee
Bid Form - Procurement
Bid Form - Stipulated Sum
Bid Form - Unit Price

00430 Bid Form Supplements Allowance Form
Alternate Form
Bid Security Form
Bid Submittal Checklist
Estimated Quantities Form
Proposed Products Form
Proposed Subcontractors Form
Unit Price Form
Wage Rates Form
Work Plan and Equipment Schedule

00450 Representatives and Certifications Contractor's Qualifications
Minority Buisness Enterprise Affidavit
Non - Collusion Affidavit
Qualification Statement for Waste Disposal
Statement of Disposal Facility
Workers' Compensation Certificate Schedule

00490 Bidding Addenda


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